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Rose Woodruff Business Coach

   Strengths Move You Forward; Weaknesses Hold You Back Until You Acknowledge Them and Strategize To Overcome Them--That Is What Coaching Is About!   
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Rose Woodruff combines coaching expertise and entrepreneurial experience to help executives, managers, and business owners maximize their potential. With her passion for business, analytical mind, and honed coaching skills, Rose helps her clients build profitable businesses while weaving in their personal life goals. Rose founded and facilitated the Bowie Business Start-up and Support Meetup Group from 2006 to 2017, building it to almost 1,500 members. Since 2006, Rose’s extensive knowledge of what it takes to run a successful business, skilled coaching presence, and years of entrepreneurial experience have made her an in-demand coach. Entrepreneurs hire Rose because their businesses are not making enough profit or because they have become slaves to their businesses. She studied the Sandler Sales Training System, which she calls disarmingly honest selling. Whether you need sales coaching, management coaching, or business start-up coaching, she can help you build your business and reclaim your life. In 2015 Rose added two specialties: Millennial Leadership Coaching and Inter-generational Harmony coaching. These help people to create better relationships at work, minimizing conflict and learning to collaborate and capitalize on one another’s differences to create synergy. She is one of a handful of coaches who has specialized knowledge in Millennial Leadership and Intergenerational Harmony Coaching. Companies hire Rose for Millennial Leadership Coaching or Intergenerational Harmony coaching when Millennial turnover is costing them too much or when their older workers complain about the “entitled young people” or “entitled Millennials.” In 1993, Having completed her BA in Business Management from the University of Maryland, Rose helped launch US Net, Incorporated, an Internet service provider. US Net’s was purchased by a national company in 1998. Rose then incorporated her business acumen and ability to nurture success in others into Executive Decision Coaching.
Washington, DC, United States