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125.00 (45 Min/Session)

Rose Woodruff Business Coach

   Strengths Move You Forward; Weaknesses Hold You Back Until You Acknowledge Them and Strategize To Overcome Them--That Is What Coaching Is About!   
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Companies hire Rose for Millennial Leadership Coaching or Intergenerational Harmony coaching when Millennial turnover is costing them too much or when their older workers complain about the “entitled young people” or “entitled Millennials.” Teams working with her often have increased collaboration, better communication, and higher productivity based on greater awareness and skill building around psychological safety, emotional intelligence, and conflict management. Rose helps emerging and seasoned leaders build their strategic thinking, problem solving, delegation, communication, and conflict management skills in addition to helping them increase their confidence. She is the ideal coach for high potential employees who aren't fully engaging their potential, especially as it relates to Imposter Syndrome. Rose Woodruff, CPCC, ACC is trained in both Co-Active, and Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching®, Rose helps companies reduce workforce turnover by facilitating intergenerational respect, drafting win-win employee policies and expertly preparing Emerging Leaders for tomorrow’s challenges. Rose completed her BA in Business Administration before helping start US Net, an Internet Service Provider. After selling it, she focused solely on her family before attending the Coaches Training Institute and the Center for Right Relationship. From 2006 to 2014 Rose coached entrepreneurs, but her passion for coaching high potential Millennials was evident. Today in addition to helping emerging leaders build their skills and increase their productivity, she helps Millennials and Baby Boomers play better together at work.
Washington, DC, United States